Recommended writing topics

If you are practicing English, keep a diary or journal. Here are some topics you can write about:

What kind of weather do you like?

What do you do on your days off?

What do you do to relax during spring?

Describe spring in Japan.

What do you usually do on the train?

What is your favorite spring time memory?

What do you think about craft beers?

Imagine you are going to meet your favorite celebrity. What three questions do you want to ask them?

If you lost your friend while shopping and your phone doesn’t work, what would you do?

Write about your favorite restaurant.

What is a “party animal”?

Why are more people suffering from hay fever?

Would you consider moving to another planet? Explain your reason.

How often do you spend time with co-workers outside the office?

Do you prefer giving presents or receiving them?

What part of the day to you begin planning your work schedule?

Where do you keep your business cards?

Where do you keep your cash?

Do you use prepaid cards or credit cards?

What are some of  the things that make you happy?

What’s the best season to visit Tokyo?

What’s the best season for going to a hot spring bath?

How would you describe Setsubun?

If you have an office party, how will you prepare it?

Who are the most popular Japanese athletes?

Do you often give advice to your coworkers?

How often do you use the phone for work?

How would you feel if your birthday was on February 29th?

What does being an adult really mean?

Does your work change every season?

Do you socialize with your customers?

In your opinion, what does “mature” mean?

How will the Internet be used in the future?

What is the purpose of gathering people for a public demonstration

What is the best way for a company to respond to a major scandal?

What Japanese customs have you stopped following and which ones do you practice deeply?

What do you do to balance your time between work and family?

What is the difference between raising children in a big city or in the countryside?


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