Presentations Practice 101

Your presentation material

  • Keep It Short and Simple (KISS)
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Real and natural information
  • Honest

Presentation material should be short and simple to understand. Big pictures and a few words. Use bullet points or lists. Avoid sentences or passages. Include things that are fun and interesting. The information should be new and real. Share your true feeling, if you like something tell us about it. If you don’t like it, tell us why.

Speaking reminders

  • Eye Contact
  • Clear Voice
  • Lots of gesture

When speaking, make sure you have good eye contact, look up at the audience when speaking. Speak loudly and clearly, keep your chin up so tat your voice can carry across the room. Move your arms around and point to things enough to show that you are not afraid to speak. If you are reading, hold the paper in front of you, pull it down to speak and lift it up when reading.

Things to avoid

Never do these tings

  • Look down at the ground
  • Turn your back (look at the board or slides)
  • Read the board or slide
  • Cover your mouth or face (with papers)
  • Lean on furniture (desk)
  • Shake your head (when you make a mistake)
  • Speak to fast
  • Say that you made a mistake

True or False Quiz

1) Write a lot of information on the board or slides

2) Read all of the information on your slides and on the board.

3) Reading from your notes.

4) Turn around and look at the board.

5) Do not move your arms.


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