Anami Denko Podcast

Welcome to the Anami Denko Podcast Episode 1.

My name is Frank and I will be your host.

Today we will share a bit of history and culture from the offices of Anami Denko, a leading Electrical Engineering contractor in the Higashiyamato City area. The captivating office manager, Ms. Kanae Ichihara is here to tell us all about the firm. Please,say hello to the audience and tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone, my name is Kanae. I am from Wakayama.

Great, now lets get started. First of all, when and how was Anami established?

Anami Denko was established in 2003. At that time, there was only one engineer, Haruo Saito. He is the owner. We didn’t have any work, but his father-in-law, at the time, was working at Bridgestone.

What kind of work did they do there?

We started our repairing lights at company housing facilities on-site. 3 years later, we were offered a contract to repair the factory equipment, so we hired two employees to give us a hand with the extra workload. We continued to grow slowly from there.

Was it pretty easy to expand?

Not really. To be honest, things really went south after the sub-prime market collapse. Then when the failure of Lehman Brothers shocked the Japanese business, the work at Bridgestone began to slow down. That was when we began looking for new contracts, hired some accounting staff to help run the office and landed our next major contract.

Sounds like a bumpy road, but everything seems to have turned out well, right?

Absolutely! Over the last 10 years, we have managed to employ 10 people and held on to 2 major contracts. We have also picked up a few sub-contract jobs that take us all over Japan, including Sendai and Hokkaido.

That’s amazing, road trips and adventures. Anything overseas?

Actually, yes. we have also been on projects that take us overseas to India and Vietnam. Our team really like to travel. in fact, we take a trip together once a year. Everyone looks forward to the time off together.

You are fortunate to have such a warm work environment. Any plans for the upcoming future?

Our president hopes to open a second office in the Kanagawa are, closer to the beach so he can go surfing more often.

(hahaha) On that note, we will say thanks to those who have been listening and wrap this episode up. Thank you for sharing your corporate history and please come back for a follow up discussion on how Anami Denko has evolved.

(everyone) sayonara Adios Bye!


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