Happy Mother’s Day

The celebration honoring mother’s or motherhood has become a global event that can be used for sharing different cultures and beliefs  The calendar date we use in Japan was adopted from the American tradition that began in the 1920’s, but other countries have different dates. In mexico, for example, the date is always on May 10th and people often hold festival events where household goods are given away, like furniture and appliances. How we celebrate is not important. What is important is that we remember our mother is the one person in the world that we truly owe our life to. Some of us may not have our biological mother looking over us, but adopted mothers are just as important. An aunt, a grandmother, a neighbor or close friend deserves that same respect. That is why so many teachers feel personally responsible for nurturing and caring for the children in our lives. We have an obligation to support the morals and standards mothers instill in their home and provide the safe environment that only a mother can create.

So, when we say “Happy Mother’s Day”, we mean much much more.


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