English conversation club (EIGO-KAI)

As many have already experiences, we have a small group of friends that meet once a month (actually, once every 3 months now) to share free conversation in English.

FREE: This has two meaning.

First, no money. The teacher (me) does not charge any money for guiding the conversation or giving advice.

Second, no topic. Anything and nothing can be discussed. I try to keep people interested in talking by introducing topics like seasonal activities or ghost stories. But, usually the attendants start talking about other topics and the conversation is often mixed. People tend to group themselves into smaller groups with similar interests.

Our next meeting is on November 25th at a restaurant called てっぱん一番Teppan Ichban at the Kamikitadai Station 上北台駅。The cost will be \3500 for a 2 hour course. I hope it is as much fun as the previous events and look forward to telling you about it here.

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